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Testimonials From Our Students:
  • "I went through the setup procedure just now.  Everything went seamlessly and was very fast."
  • "I like this much more than taking lessons in person.  I never liked driving to lessons, and either way, this just works out better for me.  Having recorded videos of my lessons is the best part about it, and that alone makes the online setup much better than meeting in person.  I practice with my videos all week long, and I've got a custom collection of every single example I've ever learned, tailored for me personally - that beats normal lessons hands down.  It's easy to go back and review anything I want, whenever I want.  I get all my questions answered each week by my teacher, and he shows me anything I want to learn.  My old teacher didn't have the resources to do that in his studio.  (He spent half the lesson writing out tab by hand each time).  I feel much more comfortable learning at home, and I don't miss a single thing about meeting with a teacher at the local studio.  The live video and audio is more effective than when my instructor showed me and moved my fingers in person - the close-up video makes things much clearer.  I'm learning much faster at, and I'm looking forward to lessons each week and enjoying playing much more than I used to!"
  • "These lessons are my favorite part of the week :)"
  • "This is really slick!"
  • "I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the online lessons.  My son is 5, and he loves getting online each week to take his lesson.  He's learning so fast!  Every day, we watch and play along with the video that he and his instructor record during the lesson.  He likes it so much - he's having a lot of fun and he's really learning a lot.  We weren't sure how things would go at first, but it's been great!   Thank you :)"
  • "I can't begin to explain how much easier this is than being at the studio.  The technology really helps the learning process.  It makes you follow along in a way that's so much more comfortable and simple.  I think it has a lot to do with being able to concentrate better at home, but it's a really amazing experience.  I took lessons for two years at the best guitar studio in my area, and these lessons are just flat out better.  I'm learning a lot faster, and I like it a lot more."
  • "I think what you are doing with remote lessons will work for so many people like me who don't have a good teacher nearby.  Thanks for your help!"
  • I am having fun with the lessons. :)
  • "It's great not to bring my boys to child care while I take lessons.  This costs the same as the music store near me, and it saves me an hour of travel every time.  It's working out perfectly, and I'm learning a lot.  Thanks!"
  • "Holy ----!  I can't believe you're halfway across the country - it's like you're sitting here in my living room!  The sound is incredible!  Awesome, man!"
  • "I got so much out of my lesson tonight and the recorded videos will help too.  I've been practicing for the last hour and my fingers are sore, but it's fun.  I look forward to the next lesson and will practice practice practice!!!"
  • "My 8 year old son has been taking private lessons at your local studio for 6 months.  We love taking lessons, and he's learned so much.  Last week, the snow storm kept us from making it to our regular weekly session, so we chose to meet online using the live lesson software.  I can't believe how much more interested and attentive [my son] was during his online lesson.  He concentrated so much better on what his teacher was saying and doing, and he practiced so much harder this week.  I like doing lessons in person, because he enjoys the social interaction, but I think he really learned a lot more from the online session.  Would it be possible to do our lesson online every other week?  I think it would be more effective for his improvement."
  • "I can't believe how easy this is.  I thought it might be awkward to try the lesson online.  I'm surprised - it's really natural.  Can we do the lesson like this every week?  I like it just as much as coming to the studio, but it's much more convenient for me."
  • "Nick, this really works just as well as our private lessons.  The only difference is that you can't pick up my guitar and tune it for me.  The free software tuner you sent is working great instead."
  • "I learned more in one online lesson with you than in any other lesson I've taken during the past 18 years."
  • "I wouldn't have been able to drive to our regular lesson today.  I'm so glad we switched to doing it online."

" fills a much needed niche in music education.  There are so many people who want to learn how to play an instrument, but simply don't have the time or local resources available to take lessons.  Musiclessonz's interface is supremely useable - it's so simple for a beginner to start using the lesson software during the first visit.  It's intuitive and so easy to use that anyone who's familiar with a computer will find themselves right at home during the first lesson.  It's immediately accessible, and you start talking, seeing, and working with your teacher, just as if you were in a private lesson."

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