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Below are several screen shots of the lesson software in use (the images are reduced to 1/2 size).  The software runs directly in your web browser:

Here are several still images captured from a live video feed, taken directly from the online lesson camera. It's very easy to see what you should be playing, and how you should be playing it. In lessons, you'll see live, moving video from this camera, which you can record, play back, and review as often as needed


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Regular weekly lessons  range from $14 to $25 per 1/2 hour, depending upon the teacher you choose, but the demonstration is free!  To schedule an introductory lesson, just fill out the form below.  An instructor will call to schedule a private lesson time and send you everything you need to get started.   All contact information is collected solely for the purpose of establishing a private appointment time, and will be kept strictly confidential.  Thank you!

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