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NOTE:  Please see our new web site at  Thank you! offers local guitar, bass, keyboard, and drum lessons in Newtown, PA.  Live music lessons on the Internet are also available.

  • For information about local guitar lessons, please click here.
  • For information about live lessons online, please click here.
  • For information about our teaching approach, please click here.

Be sure to check out our live videoconference lesson technology - it's a revolutionary, convenient, and effective way to take personal private lessons with a variety of professional instructors from around the country - in real time.  Weekly online sessions with a live instructor are not just an alternative, but a true replacement for local lessons.  Many of our students have found them to be more enjoyable and more effective than traditional meetings at the studio.  There are many benefits online that we simply can't provide in person.  Check them out here!

Our new web site at puts song writers together with performers.  If you're a singer or band looking for new original music to use in your own recordings and performances, check it out!

To ask any questions or to schedule a private lesson (locally or online), please use the form below.  To speak with a human being, please call 215-860-7625.  Thank you!

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