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If you are an experienced professional music instructor, provides new work opportunities never before available.  Teaching online is the most comfortable and convenient way to earn income teaching music. provides all the technology and resources to give lessons online.  All you need is an inexpensive webcam and headset mic ($30 worth of equipment available at any Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc):

  • Teach from home, or anywhere you have an available Internet connection.
  • Set your own rates - establishes instructors as independent contractors.  The pay structure is similar to that of a local private studio - you can set your own rate, but you're only likely to attract students if your rate is comparable to other teachers with similar experience.  The web site refers students and provides all the training, tools, and materials required to perform your work well, and shares a reasonable percentage of the fee for each lesson you teach. There are no monthly fees or rental expenses, and account setup and training are totally free if you are accepted as an instructor.
  • Set your own schedule.   As an independent contractor, you can teach only when you want.  Manage your schedule just as you would with your own private studio.
  • Give lessons to students who are too far away to travel to your studio.  If you perform in a broad regional or national area, now you can take on any willing student - no matter where they live.
  • Avoid the liabilities and problems associated with having students in your home or studio.
  • Do lessons online with students whenever they can't make it to their regular appointment (bad weather, illness, etc).
  • Online lessons are fun and novel, and they provide many benefits that aren't available in typical music studio lessons:  record video lessons for students that they can watch and practice with during the week, choose from a collection of tens of thousands of digital tabs that both students and teachers can download instantly, teach your students even if you're away from your home or studio.  Read more about online lessons here.

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